For Local Churches


Growing up in a minister’s home, Carrie understands the challenges that ministerial families face and has a desire to make their care affordable and accessible in order to build-up the Body of Christ.

Ministerial Discount

Counseling for ministers, church staff and their families is available for $60 a session.  Arrangements can be made with churches to scholarship this fee if needed.


Carrie is available  to lead training and informational workshops for staff or laity. She uses an interactive, multi-media format to address relational and ministry-building topics.  Some examples are:  Communication in Marriage, Handling Conflict in marriage, Handling Conflict in the family, Being a life-giver and not a life-taker (the power of our words), Becoming a more effective helper,  Living from the heart that Jesus gave you.

Free Consultations

Free consultations are offered by Carrie for ministers on a professional level regarding issues that they may face as they help those in  their congregation and community.  She can provide resources and professional insight on next steps for ministers in their helping relationships.